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 Posted: Wed Jul 4th, 2012 05:37 pm
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We have our board new registrations locked to keep out spamers.

However we want new registrations.

So we ask new users for their phone number. when received we call them and verify that they are in the USA and not one of the infamous spam and hack country's.

Unfortunately many new users are lost when they see this message:

Sorry, we do not accept new registrations. Should you have any questions please contact 

Does anyone know where to find and edit this text?
This would be a simple fix or improvment

For WowBB ultra admin:
Having a phone number box and a phone number required function would allow a new register to proceed.
Than having the request sent to our board admin for approval would allow us to confirm new users prior to allowing their registration to be completed.
I feel this would be a great mod as it would allow all of us to keep the hackers and spamers off our boards.

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