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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Several years ago, ASA set up a WOWBB message board (see http://members.asanet.org/forums/). The person who set it up for us (it's hosted on an external server at our database company) is long gone. She used WOWBB. As you can see, it is dead. (The only posts that are ever made these days are about cash for gold and video games--not related to sociology. I delete those as the admin.) We are going to shut them down, but I want to do a backup of the content before doing that. It's certainly not a lot of content, but when I try to backup the database from the admin panel, I end up with a .sql file that's about 800 BYTES.

The entire content of the file is below. (There's a password that I've replaced with asterisks--but it's not even a password I recognize, so I don't know what it is.) Can anyone help me with why this isn't working? Thank you so much:

<br />
<b>Warning</b>:  passthru() [<a href='function.passthru'>function.passthru</a>]: Unable to fork [mysqldump --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root --password=****--quick --add-drop-table --extended-insert MessageBoard wowbb_attachments wowbb_cache wowbb_categories wowbb_emoticons wowbb_forum_permissions wowbb_forums wowbb_mana_transfers wowbb_manas wowbb_moderators wowbb_notifications wowbb_pm wowbb_pm_folders wowbb_pm_texts wowbb_poll_options wowbb_poll_questions wowbb_poll_votes wowbb_post_texts wowbb_posts wowbb_sessions wowbb_topics wowbb_user_groups wowbb_users wowbb_visitor_log wowbb_watched_forums wowbb_payment_gateways wowbb_subscription_types wowbb_transactions wowbb_calendar wowbb_profile_fields wowbb_resources] in <b>D:\WebSite\members.asanet.org\Forums\admin.php</b> on line <b>2408</b><br />

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 Posted: Wed May 8th, 2013 12:38 am
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There are restrictions on the server keeping the board routine from working. You will have to use phpMyAdmin (included with most hosting accounts) or SSH to back up the database.

And welcome to the board :)

Using UltraBB would cut down on the spam substantially.

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