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From the admin panel, Admins can:
  • Create categories, forums and sub-forums
  • Arrange the order of categories, forums and sub forums
  • Instantly change the layout of the board to one of 8 pre defined menu options
  • Instantly change the arrangement of the sub forums, 16 options with variations of horizontal and vertical displays
  • Upload a logo
  • Change the board theme to any available, choose to let members select their own or use one theme for everyone
  • Change where the "Home" link sends you
  • Turn the board on or off
  • Set up announcement text for guest with a different announcement for logged in members
  • Turn CAPTCHA on or off (default is on)
  • Turn the sending of activation e-mails on or off
  • Change the welcome message in activation e-mails
  • Turn admin e-mail notification of registrations on or off (default is on)
  • Set up the welcome PM that new registrants receive. Leaving either subject or message fields blank disables this function
  • Change date or time format, or select the alternate date format (days, hours, minutes since)
  • Adjust calendar features including showing birthdays or not
  • Adjust session length and cookie lifespan
  • Turn Cache settings on or off
  • Turn on or off search engine friendly URL's
  • Turn user links on or off. When user links are off, all links to user profiles are removed except when displaying a topic in order to help improve Google's PageRank distribution across your board.
  • Turn the Mana rating system on or off, turn page stats on or off (default is on for both)
  • Adjust PM's per page, Topics Per Page, Posts Per Page, Popular Topic Minimum Replies, Popular Topic Minimum Views, Maximum Options Per Poll, Time Limit on Editing Posts, Flood Interval
  • Set the amount of emoticon columns and rows
  • Adjust maximum Avatar pixel size (oversize avatars will automatically be re sized on servers with GD2), adjust maximum Avatar file size
  • Adjust maximum attachment file size, attachment allowed types, attachment width (pictures will be re sized on servers with GD2), turn in line attachments on or off
  • Turn Cache settings on or off

Your members will be able to:
  • Watch topis or forums, elect to have e-mail notification on new posts or a daily digest of posts
  • Change profile entries like e-mail address, web site, birthday, location or any custom fields that have been created.
  • Change custom title and signature if allowed by permissions
  • Change the basic board language, date format and time format
  • Turn on or off e-mail notification of posts or private messages
  • Change their theme to any available
  • Disable private messages
  • Choose to browse invisible
  • Upload an avatar or choose one from the gallery
  • Change your password. Requires knowing current password.
  • Manage friends and ignore lists, send mass PM to people on your friends list
  • Depending on permissions they can post in topics, rate topics, reply to topics, edit the reply if needed, post polls, attach files
  • Depending on permissions they can send private messages to members

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