A Bird Just Shat on My Sister’s Face: A Tale of Avian Atrocity

It began like some other day. The sun was sparkling, the birds were chirping…and then, in a snapshot of avian boldness, one of those padded savages focused and released a shot of unadulterated disdain onto my clueless sister’s face. Indeed, you read that right. A bird only pooed on my sister’s face.

Presently, before you begin laughing at the ludicrousness of this present circumstance, let me guarantee you, it was a serious issue. In about a heartbeat, our charming morning had transformed into a scene of disorder, with my sister yelling with sickening apprehension and quickly cleaning at her face, while I stood frozen in dismay, unfit to handle the sheer haphazardness and hardship, all things considered,

However, this was only the start of our bird-related bad dream. As the day unfurled, we found that the avian attack had not been a disengaged occurrence. Truth be told, it appeared to be like the whole run had pronounced battle on our loved ones. Birds crapped on our vehicle, our deck furniture, and even our canine. It was like we were living in a Hitchcockian blood and gore film, besides rather than crows, we were being designated by a persevering multitude of pigeons, sparrows, and who can say for sure what other flying detestations.

The Fallout of the Fluffy Disaster

The underlying shock and revulsion before long gave way to a feeling of weakness. How might we shut down these padded beasts? We had a go at everything: bird feeders, water basins, even those ultrasonic anti-agents that probably transmit high-recurrence sounds intolerable to birds. Yet, nothing worked. The birds proceeded with their rule of dread, leaving their droppings any place they were satisfied.

The Mental Effect

The consistent blast of bird crap started to negatively affect our loved ones. My sister, when an effervescent and cordial individual, became suspicious, continually checking the skies for padded dangers. She even began wearing a downpour cap at whatever point she headed outside (a design explanation that was both comical and terrible in equivalent measure).

The Journey for Replies

Frantic for an answer, we set out determined to figure out the thought processes behind these avian assaults. We counseled bird specialists, read endless articles, and, surprisingly, watched narratives on the way of behaving of metropolitan bird populaces. What we found was that birds crapping on individuals is surprisingly normal. Obviously, it’s their approach to denoting their region and stating strength. Notwithstanding, this information did close to nothing to comfort us. We were still survivors of a fluffy rule of fear, and we believed that it should end.

A Promising sign

Following quite a while of living in avian heck, we at last began to see a reason to have hope. We found a bird control organization that worked to dissuade disturbance birds. They introduced a progression of gadgets on our property that transmitted an innocuous yet irritating sound to birds, really making our home a restricted air space.

The Drawn out, difficult experience of Recuperation

It required some investment, however the bird control gauges at last worked. The avian assaults halted, and we were at last ready to partake in our open air space once more. Notwithstanding, the experience made a permanent imprint on our loved ones. We were perpetually different continuously a bird crapped on my sister’s face.


While the bird crap occurrence might appear as a funny story, it filled in as a distinct sign of the flighty and turbulent nature of life. It helped us to see the value in the basic things, to be ready for the unforeseen, and in particular, to keep in mind the force of a very much-positioned bird dropping.


  • Q: Did your sister at any point move past the episode?

A: For the most part. She has a sound feeling of dread toward birds, yet she’s done hauling around a downpour cap wherever she goes.

  • Q: Did the bird control organization offer you any guidance on the most proficient method to forestall future assaults?

A: Indeed, they suggested keeping our garbage bins fixed, eliminating bird feeders, and tidying up any spilled food or bird droppings right away.

  • Q: Do you have some other guidance for individuals who are being threatened by birds?

A: Remain mentally collected, don’t frenzy, and look for proficient assistance if essential. Also, recollect, you are in good company. There are a huge number of individuals all over the planet who have been the survivors of avian barbarities.

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