A Brief Guide to VELO Nicotine Pouches

By now, we all know how harmful cigarette smoking is to human health, causing life-threatening health conditions. Fortunately, over the years, the rate of smoking prevalence has visibly declined, leading to big tobacco companies having to adjust their strategy. According to a study published in Tobacco Control, the dip in smoking rates throughout various countries has prompted the introduction of other forms of nicotine delivery. These include electronic nicotine delivery systems, heated tobacco, and oral nicotine.

These products are considered viable substitutes and alternatives for smokers. Instead of primarily promoting cigarettes, the tobacco industry can shift away and promote these nicotine alternatives, helping fight the deadly smoking epidemic by offering potentially safer alternatives.

Previously, we’ve written about some of the oral nicotine products available today. For example, we discussed the perks and benefits of ZYN Rewards, which helped ZYN establish trust and loyalty with its client base, sharing various prizes, elite offers, and occasional promotions. Of course, there are many more alternative nicotine brands available today. One of them is VELO, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco – they’re the third-highest selling pouch on the US market.

Below, we’ll share a brief guide to VELO nicotine pouches and how they can help smokers.

What are nicotine pouches?

A form of oral nicotine products, nicotine pouches provide a smoke and tobacco-free experience. The pouch is placed between your top lip and gum to orally deliver microdoses of nicotine over a period, depending on your nicotine strength. Unlike traditional tobacco products, most nicotine pouches don’t contain a tobacco leaf or other plant material. Instead, nicotine is extracted and added to a blend of food-grade ingredients, including plat fibers, flavorings, sweeteners, and pH adjusters.

Among the many nicotine pouch brands and products available today are VELO nicotine pouches, which boast soft, high-quality materials, rejuvenating aromas, and perfectly balanced flavors. Nowadays, VELO pouches can be found in gas stations and convenience stores, as well as via online retailers for as low as $4.19 per can. Some of the most popular VELO flavors available include energizing citrus, sweet mint, and refreshing wintergreen.

Do VELO pouches work?

A pressing question is whether or not VELO nicotine pouches are effective. Nowadays, smokers and ex-smokers use oral nicotine products like VELO pouches to help curb cigarette cravings and handle withdrawal symptoms. Pouchs are a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – products that function by delivering microdoses of nicotine without heat, smoke, and tobacco by-products.

While further studies are certainly needed to confirm any long-term side effects, a Biomarkers study found that the reduced toxicant content and limited in vitro toxicological effects of nicotine pouches — compared to conventional cigarettes — suggest that they have a reduced risk relative to smoking. Notably, the study found that biomarkers linked to the development of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases were significantly lower among users of nicotine pouches than in smokers. Similar results were seen in the primary endpoint white blood cell count, which is linked to inflammation, which was significantly higher among smokers than among nicotine pouch users.

Compared to e-cigarettes, vapes, and heated tobacco products that rely on inhalation and still produce smoke, nicotine pouches join the ranks of other NRT and oral nicotine products that provide a more discreet and potentially healthier alternative.

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