Akila Daily: A Trusted Source for Gujarati News

Akila Daily is a well-established Gujarati newspaper published in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Renowned for its high journalistic standards and comprehensive coverage, it caters to a large and loyal readership. Whether you’re in Gujarat or anywhere around the world, Akila Daily keeps you informed about what matters.

Local Focus, Global Reach

While firmly rooted in Rajkot, Akila Daily goes beyond local news. It provides in-depth coverage of regional issues in Saurashtra and Kutch, alongside national and international headlines. This diverse range of news ensures readers stay updated on all fronts.

Available in Print and Online

Akila Daily caters to a variety of preferences by offering both print and online editions. The physical newspaper remains a popular choice for many, while the online version provides a convenient way to access news on the go. The website offers the daily e-paper in PDF format, allowing readers to enjoy the familiar newspaper experience digitally.

Reportage in Gujarati

One of Akila Daily’s defining aspects is its commitment to the Gujarati language. All its news articles and content are published in Gujarati, making it a valuable resource for Gujarati speakers worldwide. This dedication to the language ensures accessibility and caters to the cultural and linguistic needs of its audience.

Audio News for Added Accessibility

Akila Daily takes accessibility a step further by offering its news in an audio format. This is particularly beneficial for visually impaired readers or those who prefer consuming news through audio.

A Legacy of Trustworthy Journalism

Akila Daily has built a strong reputation for its commitment to accurate and unbiased reporting. Readers trust the newspaper to deliver factual information and insightful analysis, making it a reliable source for staying informed.


Akila Daily is more than just a newspaper; it’s a vital source of news and information for the Gujarati community. Its dedication to comprehensive coverage, accessibility through various formats, and commitment to the Gujarati language make it a frontrunner in Gujarati news media. Whether you’re a local resident of Rajkot or a Gujarati speaker residing anywhere in the world, Akila Daily is your one-stop destination for staying connected to your heritage and informed about the world around you.


  • Is Akila Daily available only in print?

No, Akila Daily offers both a print edition and an online version. The online version includes a daily e-paper in PDF format.

  • What language are the news articles published in?

All news articles and content in Akila Daily are published in Gujarati.

  • Does Akila Daily offer any content for visually impaired readers?

Yes, Akila Daily offers its news in an audio format, making it accessible for visually impaired readers and those who prefer consuming news through audio.

  • How can I subscribe to Akila Daily?

You can subscribe to the print edition by contacting Akila Daily directly. For the online version, check their website for subscription details.

  • Is there an app for Akila Daily?

There is no information currently available regarding a dedicated app for Akila Daily. However, you can access their online edition through your mobile device’s web browser.

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