Bahsid McLean Selfie: The Shocking Story Behind the Viral Photo of a Man Posing with His Mother’s Severed Head

Bahsid McLean is a name that has been moving via virtual entertainment as of late, yet not understandably. The 33-year-elderly person from the Bronx, New York, is carrying out a day to day existence punishment for killing and eviscerating his mom, Tanya Byrd, in 2013. However, presents his defense considerably seriously upsetting that he took a selfie with his mom’s cut off head and posted it web based, causing inescapable ghastliness and shock. What drove him to carry out such a horrifying wrongdoing, and what has been going on with him after his capture? Here are a few realities and updates about the Bahsid McLean selfie case.

The Crime

According to the prosecutors, Bahsid McLean killed his mother, Tanya Byrd, on February 24, 2013, after an argument at their apartment in the Bronx. He then used a power saw to cut her body into pieces and stuffed them into garbage bags. He also took a selfie with her decapitated head, holding it up with a smile, and using his phone to snap the grisly photo as a keepsake.

He then enlisted the help of his friend, William Harris, to dispose of the body parts. They took a cab and dumped the bags in different locations around the neighborhood. However, one of the bags was discovered by a dog walker, who alerted the police. The police traced the cab driver, who identified McLean and Harris as his passengers. They also found the power saw and the bloody selfie on McLean’s phone.

The Motive

McLean had a past filled with psychological instability and savagery. He had been determined to have schizophrenia and bipolar issue, and had consumed the greater part of his time on earth in mental offices. He had likewise been captured a few times for attack, theft, and weapons ownership. He guaranteed that he heard voices in his mind since he was a youngster, and that he was mishandled by his mom and stepfather.

He likewise had a bent fixation on his mom, whom he portrayed as his “dearest companion”. He said that he adored her more than any other individual, and that he needed to be with her for eternity. He said that he killed her since he was worried about the possibility that that she would leave him or pass on from normal causes. He said that he needed to safeguard her head as a sign of their bond.

He additionally accused his companion, Harris, for the homicide, saying that he was the person who cut his mom and cut her up. He said that he just took the selfie to demonstrate that he was not a weakling, and that he could deal with the circumstance. He said that he felt no regret or culpability for what he did.

The Trial and the Sentence

McLean was accused of second-degree murder, obstructing indictment, and unlawful analyzation of a human body. His legal counselor, Lynn Calvacca, contended that he was not liable by reason of madness, and that he ought to be shipped off a psychological medical clinic rather than jail. She introduced proof of his dysfunctional behavior, and declaration from specialists who said that he was crazy and fanciful at the hour of the wrongdoing.

Nonetheless, the jury dismissed the madness safeguard, and viewed him to be very muchblameworthy of all charges. The appointed authority, Equity Steven Barrett, condemned him to 25 years to life in jail, saying that he was a threat to society and that he showed no regret or compassion for his casualty. He likewise said that the selfie was “the most corrupted, nauseating, and awful thing” he had at any point seen.

The Aftermath

McLean is currently incarcerated at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York. He has not shown any signs of regret or remorse for his actions, and has continued to blame his friend, Harris, for the murder. He has also filed several appeals, claiming that he was denied a fair trial and that his lawyer was ineffective. However, his appeals have been denied by the courts.

His selfie with his mother’s head has resurfaced on the internet several times over the years, causing shock and disgust among social media users. Many people have warned others not to share or watch the image, as it can be extremely disturbing and traumatic. Some people have also expressed sympathy for his mother, and condemned his actions as evil and monstrous.


Bahsid McLean is a man who perpetrated perhaps of the most grim and sickening wrongdoing in ongoing history. He killed and eviscerated his mom, and took a selfie with her cut off head, which he posted on the web. He was indicted for homicide and condemned to life in jail, where he stays right up ’til now. His case has started a ton of discussion and discussion about the issues of psychological instability, viciousness, and equity.


  • Q: How old is Bahsid McLean?
  • A: Bahsid McLean is 33 years old as of 2021.
  • Q: Is Bahsid McLean married?
  • A: Bahsid McLean was hitched to Zarah Coombs, who was likewise sentenced for killing their 4-year-old child, Zamair, in 2017. They are presently separated.
  • Q: Where can I see the Bahsid McLean selfie?
  • A: The Bahsid McLean selfie isn’t accessible on any standard or respectable sites, as it is viewed as excessively realistic and hostile to be shown.

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