Carley Shimkus: Fox News Salary and Career Rise

Carley Shimkus, a familiar face on Fox & Friends First, has carved a niche for herself in the fast-paced world of cable news. But behind the morning briefings and breaking news updates, many wonder: how much does Carley Shimkus make at Fox News?

From Production Assistant to Co-Host: Shimkus’ Journey at Fox

Carley’s story at Fox News began in 2009, not in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as a production assistant for Fox Business Network. Her dedication and talent were recognized, leading to a promotion to associate producer.

On-Air Debut and Steady Rise

Shimkus’ on-air debut came in 2016, contributing to Fox & Friends First. Her journalism skills and engaging personality shone through, and she quickly became a regular contributor to the show.

Co-Hosting Fox & Friends First

In 2018, Shimkus’ hard work paid off. She was promoted to co-host of Fox & Friends First, a significant step in her career at Fox News.

So, What is Carley Shimkus’ Salary?

Unfortunately, there’s no official confirmation of Carley Shimkus’ exact salary at Fox News. However, we can explore some resources to get an idea.

Salary Ranges at Fox News

According to Glassdoor, the median salary for Fox News anchors and reporters is around $68,263. It’s safe to assume that Shimkus, as a co-host of a popular morning show, earns more than this median figure.

Factors Affecting Salary at Fox News

An anchor’s salary at Fox News can be influenced by various factors, including experience, popularity, and the viewership of their program. Shimkus’ role as co-host and the success of Fox & Friends First suggests she likely falls within the higher salary range for on-air personalities at Fox News.


While Carley Shimkus’ exact salary remains undisclosed, her career trajectory and prominent role on Fox & Friends First suggest she receives a competitive salary within the network. Her dedication and talent have propelled her to a successful position in the world of cable news.


  • Q: Is there an official number for Carley Shimkus’ salary?

A: No, unfortunately, her exact salary is not publicly available.

  • Q: How much do Fox News anchors typically make?

A: Glassdoor reports a median salary of $68,263, but this can vary depending on experience and show popularity.

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