Berger Paints Bangladesh: A Splash of News

Berger Paints Bangladesh (Berger BD), a household name in Bangladesh, has been making waves in the paint industry recently. From expansion plans to high-profile awards, Berger continues to be a leader in the market. Let’s dive into the latest Berger news to see what exciting developments are unfolding.

Expansion on the Horizon

Berger BD recently announced plans to invest Tk 813 crore to set up a third factory in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Shilpa Nagar. This expansion aims to meet the growing demand for Berger’s products and solidify their position in the market [3]. The new factory is expected to begin production in April 2026.

Funding the Future with Rights Shares

To finance the construction of the new factory, Berger BD is planning to raise Tk 375 crore through rights shares. This means existing shareholders will be offered the opportunity to purchase additional shares at a discounted rate [5].

Leadership Recognized: Berger CFO Honored

Berger BD’s Group CFO and Director, Sazzad Rahim Chowdhury, was recently awarded the prestigious “Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director” of the Year title at the Bangladesh C-Suite Awards 2023. This recognition highlights Berger BD’s strong financial management [1].

Berger Paints on the Global Stage

Berger BD isn’t just making a mark nationally. They’ve also been showcasing their brand at international trade shows, such as the Berger Paints introduction of the ACS brand at the US Trade Show 2020 [2].

Innovation at the Forefront

Berger BD is dedicated to providing eco-friendly and innovative paint solutions. Their recent launch of the Berger Fosroc Lokfix E Series exemplifies this commitment to progress [2].

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

Berger BD understands the importance of staying relevant in a dynamic market. Their “Berger Home D├ęcor to rebrand as Berger Experience Zone” initiative reflects their focus on providing a customer-centric experience [2].

Berger in the News: A Continuing Story

These are just a few of the recent developments surrounding Berger Paints Bangladesh. Berger BD’s commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures there will be more Berger news to follow in the coming months.


Berger Paints Bangladesh remains a frontrunner in the paint industry. Their dedication to expansion, innovation, and customer service positions them for continued success. As Berger BD embarks on new projects and explores international markets, we can expect to see even more exciting Berger news emerge in the future.


  • Where can I find more information about Berger BD?

You can visit Berger BD’s official website: Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited website:

  • Is Berger BD an eco-friendly company?

Yes, Berger BD offers eco-friendly paint solutions like their Berger Fosroc Lokfix E Series.

  • What are Berger Experience Zones?

Berger Experience Zones are Berger BD’s rebranded showrooms designed to provide an improved customer experience.

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