Transitions: Cisco Severance Options and Support in 2024

As Cisco undergoes strategic shifts and market adjustments, navigating potential transitions might cause uncertainty for some employees. While this blog doesn’t provide specific details about individual severance packages (which are confidential), it aims to clarify general information and resources available.

Cisco’s Restructuring Plan

In August 2023, Cisco announced a workforce realignment impacting approximately 5% of its global employees. This strategic move aims to focus on key priority areas and improve operational efficiency.

Severance Considerations and Legalities

Severance packages offered by Cisco can vary depending on your location, role, tenure, and reason for separation. It’s essential to remember these packages are legally binding agreements with specific terms and conditions. Consulting with an employment lawyer is highly recommended to understand your rights and options thoroughly.

Key Components of Cisco Severance Packages

While details are confidential, typical components of Cisco severance packages may include:

  • Severance pay: This is a financial compensation based on your salary and tenure.
  • Continuation of benefits: Health insurance, COBRA coverage, and other benefits might be covered for a specific period.
  • Outplacement services: Cisco may offer career counseling and support to help you find new employment.
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements: These clauses might restrict your ability to work for competitors or solicit former colleagues for a certain period.

Local Regulations and Legal Support

Employment laws and regulations vary by country and region. Seeking legal advice tailored to your specific situation is crucial to ensure you understand your entitlements and potential negotiation opportunities.

Beyond Severance: Additional Resources

Cisco offers various resources to support departing employees, including:

  • Dedicated HR representatives: They can answer questions about your specific severance package and company policies.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This confidential program provides counseling and support services to help you navigate emotional and practical challenges during this transition.
  • Alumni network: Staying connected with the Cisco community can be valuable for networking and potential career opportunities.


Facing a potential transition can be stressful, but understanding the available resources and seeking professional guidance can empower you to navigate the process effectively. Remember, confidentiality around individual severance packages is crucial, and legal advice is strongly encouraged to ensure you receive fair treatment and make informed decisions during this time.


Q: Will I receive a severance package if my position is impacted?

A: Not necessarily. Severance packages are offered at Cisco’s discretion and depend on various factors like your individual circumstances, reason for separation, and company policies.

Q: What specific details are included in my severance package?

A: Details of individual packages are confidential. Contact your HR representative or consult a lawyer for information specific to your situation.

Q: What resources are available to help me find a new job?

A: Cisco offers outplacement services and an alumni network. Additionally, consider utilizing career counseling and online job boards for further support.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have questions about my severance package or legal rights?

A: Consult your HR representative for general inquiries. For legal questions and advice specific to your situation, seeking an employment lawyer is highly recommended.

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