Engaging Your Students with A Guide for Teachers is a gateway to interactive learning experiences for both teachers and students. It’s the website where students join Pear Deck presentations, a suite of educational tools designed to boost engagement and empower teachers to create dynamic lessons.

What is a pear deck?

Pear Deck is a cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with popular presentation software like Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. It enhances traditional presentations by adding interactive elements like formative assessments, real-time feedback mechanisms, and gamification features.

How does work?

Teachers create interactive presentations using the Pear Deck add-on for their preferred presentation software. They then share a unique join code or link with their students, who can access the session by visiting and entering the code or clicking the link.

Engaging Features for Students:

  • Interactive activities: Students can participate in polls, answer open-ended questions, and engage in other interactive activities embedded within the presentation.
  • Real-time feedback: Teachers can provide immediate feedback on student responses, fostering a more dynamic learning environment.
  • Gamification elements: Pear Deck incorporates points, badges, and leaderboards to keep students motivated and engaged.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Formative assessment: Pear Deck provides valuable insights into student understanding through real-time data and student responses.
  • Increased engagement: Interactive elements keep students actively involved in the learning process.
  • Differentiation: Pear Deck allows teachers to tailor their presentations to meet the individual needs of their students.

Getting Started with

  1. Create a Pear Deck account. Visit and sign up for a free or paid account.
  2. Install the Pear Deck add-on: Download and install the Pear Deck add-on for your preferred presentation software.
  3. Create your interactive presentation: Design your presentation and add interactive elements using the Pear Deck tools.
  4. Share the join code or link: Share the unique join code or link with your students so they can access the presentation.


joinpd unlocks a world of interactive learning possibilities for teachers and students. By incorporating Pear Deck into your lessons, you can create engaging experiences, gain valuable insights into student understanding, and empower your students to become active participants in their learning journey.

Blooket is a platform that reimagines trivia and review games for education. Here’s how it works:

  1. Teachers and hosts choose a question set and a unique game mode.
  2. A game code is generated for players to join on their own devices.
  3. Players answer questions to win, with various engaging game modes available.
  4. Blooket motivates students through rewards and encourages exploration of new learning methods.
  5. Question sets can be easily imported or created using the Set Builder.
  6. The Blooket community contributes fresh content and hosts events, making learning exciting

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