Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Art of Summoning Pokémon in Pixelmon

The world of Pixelmon is teeming with fascinating creatures, and sometimes, encountering your favorites in the wild just doesn’t cut it. Fear not, aspiring trainers, for the power of summoning lies within your grasp! This guide delves into the various methods of bringing your dream Pokémon into existence, transforming your Pixelmon experience from chance encounters to strategic acquisition.

1. The Humble Poké Ball: A Classic Approach

Remember the thrill of throwing a Poké Ball and capturing that elusive Pokémon? Pixelmon retains this core mechanic, allowing you to catch wild Pokémon you encounter during your adventures. Explore diverse biomes, and battle the creatures you find, and with a well-aimed throw and a dash of luck, you might just snag your desired companion.

2. Crafting Your Dream: Poké Ball Crafting

For the industrious trainer, Pixelmon offers the option to craft your own Poké Balls. Gather the necessary resources, like Apricorns and Iron Ingots, and utilize crafting tables to create various Poké Ball types, each with different catch rates and functionalities. Master the art of crafting, and the path to acquiring specific Pokémon becomes accessible.

3. Trading Treasures: The Power of Community

The spirit of Pokémon has always embraced community and collaboration. Pixelmon fosters this spirit through its trading system. Connect with other players, negotiate trades, and offer Pokémon you don’t need in exchange for the one you truly desire. With a bit of bartering and a friendly demeanor, you might find the perfect trading partner to complete your team.

4. Commanding the Code: Console Commands

For those comfortable with delving into the technical aspects of Pixelmon, console commands offer a direct way to summon Pokémon. Utilize commands like followed by the desired Pokémon’s name to bring it into existence. Remember, this method requires caution and adherence to server rules, as some servers might restrict command usage.

5. Legendary Encounters: Special Events and Structures

Certain legendary and mythical Pokémon aren’t easily encountered in the wild. Pixelmon often incorporates special events, boss battles, or unique structures where these powerful creatures reside. Keep an eye out for server announcements, explore hidden locations, and participate in community events – legendary encounters await the dedicated trainer.

6. Patience and Persistence: The Key Ingredients

Remember, acquiring your dream Pokémon might not be an instant process. Each method mentioned requires varying degrees of effort, luck, and sometimes, a bit of waiting. Embrace the journey, enjoy the exploration and challenges, and the satisfaction of finally adding your desired Pokémon to your team will be even sweeter.


The thrill of acquiring that perfect Pokémon is a cornerstone of the Pokémon experience, and Pixelmon faithfully carries this torch. Whether you wield a Poké Ball, delve into crafting, leverage the community, or utilize commands, remember, the path to your dream team is paved with patience, persistence, and a dash of Pixelmon magic. So, summon forth your courage, trainer, and embark on your journey to catch ’em all!


Q: Which method is the easiest for summoning Pokémon?

A: Crafting Poké Balls and throwing them at wild Pokémon is a classic and accessible option. However, the easiest method depends on your server rules and personal preferences.

Q: Can I summon any Pokémon I want?

A: Some servers might restrict certain Pokémon or require specific methods for legendaries. Always check server rules before using commands or attempting special events.

Q: What if I’m new to Pixelmon?

A: Start by exploring the world, encountering wild Pokémon, and learning the basics of catching and battling. As you gain experience, explore crafting, trading, and server events for more advanced summoning methods.

Q: I want a shiny Pokémon! Can I summon one?

A: Some servers allow spawning shiny Pokémon through commands or special events. Check server rules and explore community resources for specific details.

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