Cricket Fever Grips the US: Catching India vs Sri Lanka Live Action

There’s nothing quite like the emotion of cricket – the roar of the audience, the flick of the wrist, the thrilling crack of the bat. And excitement reaches fever level, even across continents, when two cricketing superpowers like India and Sri Lanka square off. “Where can I watch India vs. Sri Lanka live in the US?” is a question that echoes every time these cricketing titans lock horns among Indian and Sri Lankan fans living in the US.

Willow TV’s The King of Cricket:

In the US, Willow TV is the best place to watch the official India vs. Sri Lanka cricket match. All matches are continuously covered on its dedicated cricket channel, which also offers pre-match programming, professional commentary, and post-match analysis. It’s offered through numerous cable providers and as a standalone streaming service.

ESPN Plus, the Sports Streaming Giant:

You’re in luck if you already have an ESPN Plus subscription! This portal has the right to stream a few live India vs. Sri Lanka matches in addition to having a wide selection of sports libraries. For those who already use ESPN Plus for other sports material, this may be an added benefit.

Sling TV, The Value Champion

Cricket fans on a tight budget will enjoy the most value with Sling TV’s Desi Binge Plus bundle. It makes Willow TV a one-stop shop for live matches, entertainment, and even a flavour of home by bundling it with other South Asian channels.

Disney+ Bundle: The Bundle Bonanza:

Consider upgrading to the Disney+ Bundle if you currently have a Disney+ subscription. With this bundle, you may watch some India vs. Sri Lanka matches in addition to your preferred Disney and Pixar films on ESPN Plus.

The Dangerous Path – No-Cost Streaming Websites:

Free streaming websites might be dangerous even though they are alluring. They could provide poor video quality, be untrustworthy, and be infected with malware. Kindly proceed cautiously and give priority to the official, secure streaming platforms to ensure a seamless and delightful viewing experience.

Organizing your Cricket Feast: Time and Schedule of Matches:

Differences across time zones can be difficult, but worry not! Below is a summary of normal match times:

  • Day matches in India and Sri Lanka often begin at 9:30 AM PST/12:30 PM EST, so getting up early to see the action in real-time may be necessary.
  • Night matches in India and Sri Lanka start at approximately 7:30 PM PST/10:30 PM EST, which makes them more suitable for US viewers to watch in the evening.

Live Scores and News: Keeping the Scoreboard Ticking

It’s important to keep up with scores and cricket news outside of the live feed. These are a few useful links:

ESPN Cricinfo: This website provides news articles, player statistics, live commentary, and real-time score updates.

Yahoo Cricket: Another dependable site for live scores, news, and match scheduling.

Mobile Apps: Download official team apps or Cricbuzz for score notifications, ball-by-ball updates, and even video highlights.

Getting your cricket fandom going: Get Set, Get Connected!

Watching the match is simply half the fun. To make your experience better, try:

Wearing the colours of your team:Whether it’s India’s vivid blue or Sri Lanka’s royal lion flag, wear your devotion with pride.

Bringing together your fellow enthusiasts: Plan watch parties to enjoy the thrill and companionship with friends and family.

Activating online communities: Participate in social media groups and forums devoted to the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka to talk tactics, make predictions, and celebrate every boundary.


It’s easy to navigate the US cricket streaming scene when you use this guide as your compass. So prepare for an exciting India vs. Sri Lanka match by donning your virtual cheerleading outfit, grabbing your favorite food, and relaxing. Remember, the beauty of cricket rests in its ability to bring fans from different countries and time zones together, whether your heart skips a beat for Dhananjaya de Silva’s beautiful flicks or Rohit Sharma’s cover drives. Now let’s start the game!


  • When is the next US series between India and Sri Lanka?

Sadly, there isn’t currently a confirmed India-Sri Lanka series scheduled in the United States. But keep a watch out for future ICC competitions, such as the World Cup or Champions Trophy, where these titans of cricket can square off on American territory.

  • Is it possible to watch free India vs. Sri Lanka broadcasts using a VPN?

While it is theoretically conceivable, there are terms of service violations and security dangers associated with utilizing a VPN to stream geo-restricted content. For a secure and pleasurable viewing experience, it’s always advisable to stay with reputable and authorized streaming services.

  • Do you know of any US cricket pubs where I can watch the match?

Indeed! Cricket bars and restaurants that broadcast live matches are common in major US cities, particularly in those with sizable South Asian communities. For recommendations, look through internet directories or your neighborhood association.

  • What additional avenues are there for maintaining ties with the US cricket community?

There’s more than just watching matches online when it comes to interacting with other cricket fans. Engage in online discussion boards and forums, sign up for neighborhood cricket leagues or clubs, or even provide your assistance during cricket matches. Even when one is distant from the subcontinent, a shared interest in a game can establish close relationships and a feeling of community.

  • Above all, what is the best way to make sure I don’t overlook any balls during the game?

Make notes, follow the official social media accounts of the team and the competition, and sign up for cricket news alerts. A last-ball six or a missed wicket won’t ever catch you off guard if you put in a little forward planning and proactive work.

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