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Hello sly amigos! Welcome to Simply Between Companions, a virtual safe house for everything Do-It-Yourself, expressions, and specialties, prepared with a liberal sprinkle of fellowship and tomfoolery. Whether you’re a carefully prepared crafter with a stick forever under your fingernails or an inquisitive beginner simply dunking your toe into the imaginative waters, pull up a comfortable seat and snatch your number one mug – we have an entire universe of marvels to investigate!

From Humble Starting points to Inventive People group

Just Between Companions wasn’t brought into the world in an extravagant studio or a very much-financed adventure. It grew from a straightforward craving – to share the delight of creating with companions, to chuckle over untidy ventures, and to move each other to embrace our internal craftsmen. We began little, trading thoughts over espresso dates and sharing our messed up manifestations via online entertainment. In any case, as our circle developed, so did the requirement for a committed space, where anybody could join the imaginative party, paying little mind to expertise level or creative family. Also, that is how the Just Between Companions blog showed signs of life!

Making for Each Season and Each Explanation

Around here at Just Between Companions, we accept that imagination ought to blossom in all seasons and for all reasons. We’re not just about occasional specialties (even though we have a lot of those, from creepy Halloween stylistic layout to stunning occasion trimmings!), we’re tied in with commending precious little moments with a bit of handcrafted enchantment. Need a special birthday present for your best bud? We take care of you with customized mugs, painted Shirts, or even a crazy companionship arm band woven with adoration. Feeling worried following a monotonous day? Loosen up with a calming Do-It-Yourself shower bomb meeting or lose yourself in the thoughtful musicality of macramé hitches. We accept that making isn’t just about the finished result; it’s about the excursion, the method involved with placing your entire being into something you make.

Past the Do-It-Yourself: Kinships and Motivation

Just Between Companions isn’t simply a recipe for Do-It-Yourself ooze or an instructional exercise for decoupaging your closet spaces (even though we have those as well!). A people group of similar spirits trust in the force of imagination to interface, to rouse, and to spread happiness. We share our undertakings, yet additionally our accounts, our tips, and our victories (and, surprisingly, our epic creating falls flat, since can we just be real for a minute, those can be comical!). We offer a consolation stage, for commending each other’s extraordinary gifts, and for advising ourselves that we’re in good company in this lovely, muddled universe of making things.

Jump into the Do-It-Yourself Pleasures

Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? Get your cover, your paste weapon, and your endless creative mind, and we should get making! Here’s a look at the mother lode hanging tight for you on Between Companions:

Occasional Specialties: From pumpkin-cutting layouts to Christmas treat embellishing thoughts, we’ll assist you with commending each season with a handcrafted touch.

Home Stylistic Theme Activities: Tidy up your space with Do-It-Yourself wall decorations, upcycled furniture, and customized contacts that mirror your novel style.

Popular Artworks: Release your internal fashionista with Do-It-Yourself scarves, gems, and, surprisingly, specially painted Shirts.

Presents from the Heart: Avoid the locally acquired stuff and make significant gifts that your friends and family will value for quite a long time into the future.

Stress-Busting Artworks: Find your harmony with quieting exercises like mandala shading, thoughtful sewing, or even Do-It-Yourself shower bomb-making.


Just Between Companions is something other than a blog; it’s an encouragement to join a dynamic local area of imaginative spirits who trust in the wizardry of making things. In this way, enter, take a load off at our virtual making table, and we should make something delightful together. Keep in mind, there are no missteps here, just blissful mishaps and vast conceivable outcomes. In this way, let your imagination stream, and share your thoughts, and we should motivate each other with the delight of making. Welcome to Simply Between Companions, your new safe house for everything Do-It-Yourself, expressions, and artworks – where fellowship and innovativeness generally become the overwhelming focus!


  • What expertise level do I have to partake?

Totally none! Just Between Companions is a space for everybody, paying little heed to encounters. We have amateur agreeable activities close by further developed ones, so you can pick what suits your solace level.

  • What sort of artwork do you highlight?

We cover a wide assortment of specialties, from paper specialties and painting to gems making and Do-It-Yourself home style. We’re dependably open to groundbreaking thoughts, so go ahead and propose projects you might want to see!

  • Might I at any point share my own undertakings on the blog?

Totally! We love seeing what our perusers are making.

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