Kenya Pipeline Company News: Delivering Fuel, Embracing Change

The Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) is a vital cog in the Kenyan economy, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of fuel products throughout the country. Here’s a roundup of the latest news surrounding this critical organization:

KPC’s Leadership Revamp

KPC recently appointed six new top executives to its management team. This strategic move aims to bolster the company’s leadership and propel it towards achieving Vision 2025 – the ambitious plan to solidify KPC as Africa’s premier oil and gas company [source: Kenya Pipeline Company]. The new team boasts expertise across various fields, poised to enhance KPC’s competitiveness in the dynamic oil and gas sector.

Profit on the Rise, Theft on the Decline

KPC reported a significant jump in profits, with a net profit of Sh4.16 billion for the year ending June 2023 [source: Business Daily]. This positive performance coincides with a successful decrease in product losses through theft. The company’s efforts to combat fuel theft have yielded results, keeping losses well below the 0.25% threshold set by the regulatory authority.

Embracing Green Initiatives

KPC is actively incorporating eco-friendly practices into its operations. The company is exploring the use of solar power at its pumping stations, a move that demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability alongside efficient fuel delivery [source: Citizen Digital].

New Pipeline on the Horizon

Responding to the growing demand for fuel in Kenya and neighboring markets, KPC is planning the construction of a new pipeline from Mombasa to Nairobi by December 2024. This expansion project will further strengthen Kenya’s position as a regional oil and gas hub [source: Business Daily].

Upskilling for Success

KPC recognizes the importance of a well-trained workforce. The company has partnered with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to deliver anti-corruption awareness programs for its staff. This initiative fosters a culture of integrity within the organization [source: EACC].

Celebrating Achievements

Beyond its core functions, KPC champions staff well-being and inclusivity. The recent launch of the “Man Enough” program highlights the company’s commitment to empowering and celebrating its male employees [source: Kenya Pipeline Company].


The Kenya Pipeline Company remains a frontrunner in the Kenyan oil and gas sector. KPC’s focus on innovation, leadership, and environmental responsibility positions it for continued success in delivering fuel and propelling regional growth.


  • What does KPC do?

KPC is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of fuel products through a network of pipelines throughout Kenya.

  • Is KPC profitable?

Yes, KPC reported a net profit of Sh4.16 billion for the year ending June 2023.

  • What is KPC doing to combat fuel theft?

KPC has implemented various measures to reduce product losses, keeping them below the industry benchmark.

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