Kix Drummer Jimmy Chalfant: A Rock Legend’s Journey

Jimmy Chalfant is an expert drummer who rose to notoriety as an individual from the American hard rock band Kix. Kix was one of the most famous groups during the 1980s, known for their fiery live shows and infectious tunes. Yet, who is Jimmy Chalfant, and what is his story? In this blog entry, we will investigate the life and vocation of this rock legend, from his initial impacts to his new wellbeing challenges.

Early Influences and Joining Kix

Jimmy Chalfant was brought into the world on April 10, 1954, in Hagerstown, Maryland. He grew up standing by listening to awesome music, particularly the English groups like The Beatles, The Drifters, and Cream. He was enlivened by Cream’s drummer Ginger Cook, who was well known for his strong and complex drumming style. Jimmy began playing drums when he was 13 years of age, and before long joined his most memorable band, The Shooze, with his sibling Ronnie.

In 1979, Jimmy joined Kix, a hard rock band that was framed in 1977 by vocalist Steve Whiteman, guitarist Ronnie Younkins, bassist Donnie Purnell, and drummer Donnie Spence. Spence left the band not long after their most memorable collection, Kix, was delivered in 1981, and Jimmy supplanted him as the new drummer. Jimmy carried another energy and notch to the band, and assisted them with fostering their unmistakable sound.

The Rise and Fall of Kix

Kix delivered their subsequent collection, Cool Children, in 1983, which highlighted all the more pop-situated tunes and another wave impact. The collection was a moderate achievement, yet the band was not content with where they were taking. They needed to get back to their foundations and play harder and heavier music. Their third collection, Midnite Explosive, delivered in 1985, was a work of art of hard rock, with tunes like “Cold Shower”, “Sex”, and “Bang (Chunks of Fire)”. The collection got basic approval and laid out Kix as quite possibly of the best live band in the scene.

Kix arrived at the pinnacle of their ubiquity with their fourth collection, Blow My Circuit, delivered in 1988. The collection sold almost 1,000,000 duplicates, because of the power ditty “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”, which turned into their greatest hit and arrived at number 11 on the Bulletin Hot 100 diagram. The band visited broadly, opening for behaves like Aerosmith, Ratt, and Toxic substance. They additionally showed up on MTV and different news sources, acquiring openness and fans.

Notwithstanding, the progress of Blow My Circuit additionally brought a few issues for the band. They confronted strain from their name, Atlantic Records, to rehash the equation and produce more hits. They additionally had a few struggles under the surface, particularly among Purnell and Whiteman, who had various dreams for the band. Their fifth collection, Hot Wire, delivered in 1991, was a business disillusionment, regardless of having a few decent melodies like “Young lady Cash” and “Destroy the Walls”. The band was dropped by Atlantic Records in 1994, and their 6th collection, $how Bu$ine$$, delivered in 1995, was their last studio exertion before they went on break.

The Reunion and Comeback of Kix

Kix rejoined in 2003, with the first arrangement of Whiteman, Younkins, Purnell, Chalfant, and guitarist Brian Forsythe, who joined the band in 1983. They began playing live shows once more, for the most part in the East Coast and Midwest, where they actually had a faithful fan base. They likewise delivered a live collection, Live in Baltimore, in 2012, which caught their enthusiastic and fun execution.

In 2014, Kix delivered their seventh studio collection, Rock Your Go head to head, their first in quite a while. The collection was delivered by Taylor Rhodes, who had worked with them on Blow My Breaker and Hot Wire. The collection was a re-visitation of structure for the band, with tunes like “Love Me with Your Top Down”, “Can’t Stop the Show”, and “Wheels Moving”. The collection appeared at number 49 on the Bulletin 200 graph, and got positive audits from pundits and fans. The band likewise endorsed with Clearly and Glad Records, a name that upheld their artistic liberty and vision.

The Health Challenges of Jimmy Chalfant

Jimmy Chalfant has confronted some wellbeing challenges lately, which have impacted his capacity to play drums. In September 2021, he experienced a respiratory failure at his home and was raced to the emergency clinic. He needed to go through a medical procedure to embed two stents in his heart, and another medical procedure the following day for another stent. He recuperated well and had the option to continue visiting with the band.

Nonetheless, in November 2022, he had one more cardiovascular episode while performing in front of an audience with the band at Leesburg, Virginia’s Let’s go Theater. He fell and became oblivious, and was taken away stage by paramedics. He was taken to the medical clinic, where he was determined to have a heart arrhythmia, a condition that causes unpredictable pulses. He was alert and talking, however he wanted additional opportunity to recuperate completely.

In Walk 2023, the band reported that Matt Starr, who had played drums for Pro Frehley, Mr. Large, and Consuming Precipitation, would fill in for Jimmy Chalfant “until additional notification”. They likewise said that Jimmy was getting along nicely and was anxious to get back out and about, however he needed to follow his physician’s instructions and deal with his wellbeing. They said thanks to the fans for their help and petitions, and said that they wanted to see Jimmy back in front of an audience soon.


Jimmy Chalfant is a stone legend who has been playing drums for Kix for more than 40 years. He has been a piece of the band’s ascent and fall, and their rebound and resurgence. He has likewise confronted some serious medical problems, yet he has shown flexibility and assurance to beat them. He is a motivation to many fans and performers, and an imperative piece of the Kix inheritance.


  • Q: When and where was Jimmy Chalfant conceived?

A: Jimmy Chalfant was brought into the world on April 10, 1954, in Hagerstown, Maryland.

  • Q: What was the name of Jimmy Chalfant’s most memorable band?

A: Jimmy Chalfant’s most memorable band was The Shooze, which he framed with his sibling Ronnie.

  • Q: What was the name of Kix’s greatest hit melody?

A: Kix’s greatest hit tune was “Don’t Shut Your Eyes”, which arrived at number 11 on the Bulletin Hot 100 outline in 1989.

  • Q: What was the name of Kix’s most recent studio collection?

A: Kix’s most recent studio collection was Rock Your Go head to head, which was delivered in 2014.

  • Q: What is the name of the drummer who is filling in for Jimmy Chalfant?

A: The drummer who is filling in for Jimmy Chalfant is Matt Starr, who has played drums for Pro Frehley, Mr. Huge, and Consuming Precipitation.

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