Martina Patti: The Mother Who Killed Her Daughter and Faked Her Kidnapping

Martina Patti is a 24-year-old woman who confessed to killing her four-year-old daughter, Elena Del Pozzo, in June 2022, and burying her body in a field near her home in Mascalucia, a town in the province of Catania, Sicily. She initially reported that her daughter was kidnapped by three hooded men for a ransom, but later admitted to the murder after police found inconsistencies in her story. She is currently on trial for homicide, concealment of corpse, and simulation of crime. In this blog post, I will explore the details of this shocking case, the possible motives behind it, and the legal consequences that Patti faces.

The Kidnapping Hoax

On Monday, June 13, 2022, Patti called the police and claimed that her daughter was abducted by three armed men who opened the door of her car and snatched the child after she picked her up from nursery school. She said that the kidnapping was related to the behavior of her ex-partner, Alessandro Del Pozzo, who had received threats for a settlement of accounts. She also said that she received a phone call from the kidnappers, who demanded a ransom of 50,000 euros.

The police launched a massive search operation, involving helicopters, dogs, and hundreds of officers. They also questioned Patti and Del Pozzo, who had a history of drug dealing and domestic violence. However, they soon realized that Patti’s story was full of contradictions and inconsistencies. For example, she could not explain why she did not try to stop the kidnappers, why she did not scream for help, why she did not report the ransom call immediately, and why there were no witnesses or traces of the abduction.

The Confession and the Discovery of the Body

The next day, Patti changed her version of the facts and confessed to the murder. She led the police to the field where she had buried her daughter, who was wrapped in five black bags under a few centimeters of volcanic ash and pebbles. The police found the body of Elena, who had been stabbed several times with a kitchen knife, which has not yet been found. Patti said that she did not remember what went through her mind when she killed her daughter, and that she acted alone. She also said that she had planned the kidnapping hoax for a long time, and that she had bought the phone and the SIM card that she used to fake the ransom call.

The Possible Motives and the Legal Consequences

The prosecutor of Catania, Carmelo Zuccaro, said that Patti may have been driven by jealousy towards her ex-partner’s current girlfriend, whom she could not tolerate showing affection towards her daughter. He also said that Patti may have suffered from a personality disorder, and that she had a troubled relationship with her parents, who had abandoned her when she was a child. He requested that Patti be charged with premeditated murder aggravated by cruelty, concealment of corpse, and simulation of crime.

Patti’s defense lawyer, Gabriele Celesti, said that Patti was a destroyed and tried woman who did something that she did not think she could do either. He said that Patti had a strong bond with her daughter, and that she had no motive to kill her. He also said that Patti was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when she committed the crime, and that she had a mental breakdown. He requested that Patti be charged with voluntary manslaughter, and that she be subjected to a psychiatric evaluation.

The trial of Patti began on June 12, 2023, with the constitution of the parties and the first procedural exceptions. The process is held before the first Court of Assizes, presided by Sebastiano Mignemi, who ordered the suspension of the terms of preventive detention. The trial was adjourned to June 23, 2023.


Martina Patti is a young mother who confessed to killing her daughter and faking her kidnapping in a case that shocked and saddened Italy. The reasons behind her actions are still unclear, and the outcome of her trial is uncertain. She faces a possible life sentence if convicted of murder, or a lesser sentence if convicted of manslaughter. She also faces the condemnation of the public opinion and the grief of her family.


  • How old was Elena Del Pozzo when she was killed?
    • Elena Del Pozzo was four years old, and was about to turn five, when she was killed by her mother, Martina Patti, on June 13, 2022.
  • How did Martina Patti fake the ransom call?
    • Martina Patti bought a phone and a SIM card that she used to call herself and pretend to be the kidnappers. She recorded the conversation and played it to the police, claiming that the kidnappers demanded 50,000 euros for the release of her daughter.
  • What is the difference between murder and manslaughter in Italy?
    • Murder is the intentional killing of another person, with or without premeditation. Manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another person, due to negligence, imprudence, or lack of skill. Murder is punished with a prison sentence of 21 to 30 years, or life imprisonment in aggravated cases. Manslaughter is punished with a prison sentence of 6 to 20 years, or up to 30 years in aggravated cases.

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