Finding Peace: How to Search San Antonio Express-News Obituaries

Have you recently lost a loved one in San Antonio, Texas, or are you searching for information about someone who passed away there? The San Antonio Express-News offers a comprehensive obituary section that can be a valuable resource during this difficult time.

This blog post will guide you through searching San Antonio Express-News obituaries, providing helpful tips, and answering frequently asked questions.

Where to Find San Antonio Express-News Obituaries acts as an archive for obituaries published in the San Antonio Express-News. You can find them by searching for “San Antonio Express-News obituaries” on or visiting the dedicated San Antonio obituaries page.

Obits Archive: Obits Archive is another website that offers a searchable archive of obituaries, including those from the San Antonio Express-News.

Search Options

Name of the deceased: This is the most common search method.

Date of death: If you know the approximate date of passing, you can narrow down your search.

Keywords: You can use keywords like “church,” “military service,” or a specific location within San Antonio to find more specific obituaries.

Recent Obituaries offers a section for “Today’s San Antonio Express-News Obituaries,” which is a good starting point if you’re looking for obituaries published very recently.

Funeral Home Obituaries

Many funeral homes in San Antonio publish obituaries on their websites. You can find links to these websites through or by searching the funeral home name directly.

Historical Obituaries and Obits Archive offer obituaries dating back to the 1990s. However, you may need to consult microfilm archives at libraries or historical societies for obituaries published before that time.

Tips for Searching

    • Try different spellings of the deceased’s name, especially if it’s uncommon.
    • Use quotation marks around phrases to search for exact wording.
    • Consider using a broader date range if the exact date of death is unknown.

Obituaries May Contain

    • The deceased’s full name, date of birth, and date of death
    • Information about their life, accomplishments, and family
    • Funeral and memorial service details

Privacy Considerations:

    • Not everyone chooses to have an obituary published.
    • Obituaries may not contain all the information you’re looking for.


San Antonio Express-News obituaries offer a valuable resource for anyone seeking information about those who have passed away in the San Antonio area. By using the search options and tips provided in this blog post, you can increase your chances of finding the obituary you’re looking for. Remember, during a difficult time like this, be kind to yourself and allow time for the grieving process.


  • Is there a cost to search San Antonio Express-News obituaries?

No, both and Obits Archive allow you to search for obituaries for free.

  • Can I submit an obituary to the San Antonio Express-News?

Unfortunately, you cannot submit obituaries directly through or Obits Archive. You would need to contact the San Antonio Express-News directly or reach out to a local funeral home.

  • What if I can’t find the obituary I’m looking for?

If you can’t find the obituary you’re looking for online, you can try contacting the funeral home that handled the arrangements or searching local newspapers from the same time period.

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