Carl Weber’s ‘The Family Business Season 5’ Release Date and More

The Family Business Season 5 is a crime drama series that follows the Duncan family, a wealthy and powerful clan that runs a successful car dealership business in New York City. However, behind the scenes, the Duncans are also involved in some shady and illegal activities that put them in conflict with their rivals, enemies, and even the law. The series is based on the best-selling novels by Carl Weber and features an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin Henson, Clifton Powell, and more.

The Family Business debuted on BET in 2018 as a limited series, but due to its popularity and positive reviews, it was renewed for more seasons and moved to BET+, the network’s streaming service. The fourth season of the show premiered on July 28, 2022, and concluded on September 1, 2022, with a shocking cliffhanger that left fans eager for more. So, will there be a fifth season of The Family Business? And if so, when will it be released? Here is everything you need to know about The Family Business Season 5.

The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

As of now, there is no official announcement from BET or BET+ about the renewal or cancellation of The Family Business Season 5. However, based on the previous season’s release schedules and production timelines, it is anticipated that the show will be renewed for a fifth season soon. The show has a loyal fan base and a strong viewership, which are important factors for the network to consider when deciding the fate of a series. Moreover, the show has plenty of source material to adapt from the novels, as well as many unresolved plotlines and character arcs to explore.

If we assume that the show will be renewed in the near future, we can expect The Family Business Season 5 to premiere around October 2023. This is because there is typically a gap of a little more than a year between each season of the series. For instance, the first season aired from November 2018 to January 2019, the second season aired from July 2020 to December 2020, the third season aired from April 2021 to May 2021, and the fourth season aired from July 2022 to September 2022. Therefore, it is reasonable to predict that the fifth season will follow a similar pattern and arrive in late 2023.

Of course, this is just an estimation based on past trends and current circumstances. There could be delays or changes due to various factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the availability of the cast and crew, or the creative direction of the show. Therefore, we advise you to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for an official confirmation from the network or the showrunners.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5

carl weber the family business season 5

Carl Weber is the creator and executive producer of The Family Business, as well as the author of the novels that inspired the series. He is also a prolific writer of urban fiction, romance, suspense, and thriller genres, with over 30 books published under his name. He is the founder and publisher of Urban Books LLC, which is one of the largest African-American-owned publishing companies in the country.

For The Family Business Season 5: Release date and more

Weber has been involved in every aspect of The Family Business since its inception as a film franchise idea. He wrote the scripts for each episode of the series, along with co-writers such as Nikaya D. Brown Jones and Nneka Gerstle. He also collaborated with director Trey Haley and producer Tri Destined Studios to bring his vision to life on screen. Weber has expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for working with such a talented team of actors and filmmakers who share his passion for storytelling.

Weber has also hinted at some of the possible directions that The Family Business Season 5 could take if it gets renewed. In an interview with The Hype Magazine, he said that he has already written some episodes for the fifth season and that he plans to introduce some new characters and twists that will surprise and excite the fans. He also said that he wanted to explore more of the backstory and history of the Duncan family and their business empire. He added that he hopes to continue adapting his novels into more seasons of The Family Business until he reaches the end of his saga.

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Family Business Season 5 Cast

The cast of The Family Business consists of some of the best actors working today, who bring their charisma and talent to portray their complex and intriguing characters.

Here are some of the main cast members who are expected to return for The Family Business Season 5: 

In addition to these main cast members, there are also several recurring and guest stars who play important roles in the series, such as:

  • Malik Yoba as Randy Moss: A ruthless drug lord and the archenemy of the Duncans, who is also the leader of the Zuniga cartel.
  • Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga: A powerful drug lord and the cousin of Randy Moss, who is also the head of the Zuniga cartel.
  • KJ Smith as Sasha Duncan: Orlando’s wife and Rio’s mother, who is also a former CIA agent and a master manipulator.
  • Christian Keyes as Niles Monroe: A charismatic lawyer and London’s love interest, who is also a secret assassin hired by Randy Moss.
  • Franky G as Juan Rodriguez: A loyal soldier and friend of the Duncans, who is also a former Navy SEAL and a skilled sniper.
  • Brely Evans as Sonya Stevens: A savvy journalist and Junior’s love interest, who is also investigating the Duncans’ illegal activities.

The Family Business Season 5 Plot

The plot of The Family Business Season 5 will depend on how the fourth season ends, which is still unknown at the time of writing this article. However, based on the events of the previous seasons and the hints from Carl Weber, we can speculate on some of the possible scenarios that could happen in the fifth season.

One of the main questions that fans have after watching the fourth season is what will happen to L.C. Duncan, who was shot by Randy Moss in the final episode. Will he survive or die from his injuries? And if he dies, how will his family cope with his loss? And who will take over his position as the leader of the Duncans? Will it be Orlando, who has been groomed by his father to be his successor? Or will it be someone else, who might have a different vision for the future of the family business?

Another question that fans have is what will happen to Randy Moss, who escaped from prison with the help of Niles Monroe. Will he continue his vendetta against the Duncans? Or will he face justice for his crimes? And what about Niles Monroe, who betrayed London and revealed his true identity as an assassin? Will he face any consequences for his actions? Or will he get away with his deception?

Furthermore, what will happen to Harris Grant, who was exposed as a double agent by Sonya Stevens? Will he be arrested or killed by his former colleagues? Or will he manage to escape and join forces with the Duncans? And what about Sonya Stevens, who was kidnapped by Juan Rodriguez? Will she be rescued or harmed by her captors? Or will she discover some secrets that could change everything?

These are just some of the questions that fans have after watching the fourth season of The Family Business. However, there are many more mysteries and surprises that await them in The Family Business Season 5. As Carl Weber said in his interview with The Hype Magazine, “You never know what’s going to happen next.”

Conclusion of The Family Business Season 5

The Family Business is a captivating and thrilling series that showcases the lives and struggles of a powerful family that runs a legitimate business on one hand, and an illegal empire on the other. The series has been praised for its compelling storylines, dynamic characters, stellar performances, and action-packed scenes. The series has also been renewed for four seasons so far, with each season delivering more drama, suspense, and twists than the last.

The Family Business Season 5 has not been officially confirmed yet, but fans are hopeful that it will be announced soon. Based on previous season release schedules and production timelines, it is anticipated that The Family Business Season 5 will premiere around October 2023. However, this is just an estimation based on past trends and current circumstances.

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