Who Was Catherine Jemima Hughes? The Grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer

Catherine Jemima Hughes, otherwise called Catherine Dahmer, was the fatherly grandma of Jeffrey Dahmer, quite possibly of the most famous chronic executioners in American history. She was brought into the world in 1904 in Brigham, Iowa, to Robert R. Hughes and Eunice Adele Lances. She wedded Herbert Walter Dahmer in 1933 and had two youngsters, Lionel Herbert Dahmer and Patricia Ann Dahmer. She resided in West Allis, Wisconsin, where she claimed a house at 2357 South 57th Road.

Catherine’s Relationship with Jeffrey Dahmer

Catherine was the main individual to whom Jeffrey showed fondness, as indicated by his dad Lionel. She was a passionate Christian who attempted to impart virtues to her grandson. She took him to the chapel, assisted him with securing positions, and urged him to remain sober. Jeffrey moved in with Catherine in 1981, subsequent to being released from the military and captured for plastered and dislocated lead. He lived with her for the majority of the following nine years, with the exception of a short period in 1988-1989 when he leased his own condo.

Catherine’s Unawareness of Jeffrey’s Crimes

While living with Catherine, Jeffrey carried out a few killings and dissected the collections of his casualties in her storm cellar and carport. He likewise put away body parts in her cooler and fridge. Catherine knew nothing about the thing was occurring under her rooftop, despite the fact that she whined about the bizarre scents and clamors coming from the lower level of the house. She likewise requested that Jeffrey move out a few times in light of his drinking and bringing young fellows home late around evening time. Jeffrey generally figured out how to persuade her that he was attempting to work on his life and that he cherished her.

Catherine’s Death and Legacy

Catherine passed on in 1992, at 88 years old, not long after Jeffrey was captured and admitted to his violations. She was covered close to her significant other Herbert in West Grass Burial ground in Milwaukee. She never talked freely about her grandson or his barbarities, and her home was offered to a confidential purchaser in 1993. She was depicted by entertainer Michael Learned in the Netflix series Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which portrayed her as a cherishing however gullible grandma who attempted to help her upset grandson.


Catherine Jemima Hughes was the grandmother of Jeffrey Dahmer, who lived with her for most of the 1980s and killed several men in her house. She was a religious and caring woman who did not know about Jeffrey’s dark secrets. She died in 1992, shortly after Jeffrey was caught and confessed. She was buried next to her husband in Milwaukee and was depicted in a Netflix series about Jeffrey’s life.


  • Q: Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill his grandma?

A: No, Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t kill his grandma. He asserted that he cherished her and that she was the main individual who thought often about him. He likewise said that he would have rather not harmed her by uncovering his wrongdoings.

  • Q: Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma report him to the police?

A: No, Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma didn’t report him to the police. She knew nothing about the thing he was doing in her storm cellar and carport, and she trusted his reasons for the scents and clamors. She additionally confided in him when he said that he was attempting to transform him and that he adored her.

  • Q: Where did Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma reside?

A: Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandma lived in West Allis, Wisconsin, at 2357 South 57th Road. She claimed the house starting around 1939 and resided there until her passing in 1992. The house is as yet standing today and is claimed by a confidential purchaser.

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