Finding Obituaries in the Wheeling News-Register

The Wheeling News-Register, a respected news source in Wheeling, West Virginia, doesn’t publish its own obituaries section anymore. However, there are still several ways to find obituaries for those who live in the Wheeling area. is a comprehensive website that aggregates obituaries from newspapers nationwide, including those previously published in the Wheeling News-Register. You can search for obituaries by name, date, and location.

The Intelligencer

The Intelligencer, another Wheeling-based newspaper, has a dedicated obituaries section on its website Here, you can search for recently published obituaries and browse archived ones.

Funeral Homes

Funeral homes in the Wheeling area often publish obituaries for the families they serve on their websites. A quick web search can find funeral homes with a Wheeling presence. Paid Subscription offers a searchable archive of historical obituaries from various publications, including some Wheeling-area newspapers. A subscription is required to access these records.

Social Media

Family and friends may announce passing and funeral arrangements on social media platforms like Facebook. Consider searching for the deceased’s name or the names of their loved ones.

Obituaries by Date

Many websites like allow you to search for obituaries by date. This can be helpful if you know the approximate date of passing.

Tips for Searching

Keywords: Include nicknames, middle names, maiden names, or professions in your search queries to refine the results.

Date Range: If you have a timeframe in mind, utilize the date range filters available on most obituary search platforms.


While the Wheeling News Register no longer publishes its own obituaries section, finding obituaries for those from the Wheeling area is still possible. By utilizing a combination of websites, funeral home pages, and social media searches, you can increase your chances of locating the information you need.


  • Q: Is there a central location for all obituaries published in the Wheeling area?

A: There isn’t a single location that aggregates all obituaries from the Wheeling area. However, and The Intelligencer website are good places to start your search.

  • Q: How far back can I search for obituaries?

A: The searchability of archived obituaries depends on the platform. and (with a paid subscription) may have historical archives, while newspaper websites might only have recent obituaries.

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