Asheville Police Department: Updates and Community Focus

The Asheville Police Department (APD) has been in the news recently for various reasons. This blog post will explore some key developments, including leadership changes and community initiatives.

New Chief Takes the Helm

In April 2024, Mike Lamb was officially appointed as the permanent Chief of Police. Chief Lamb has over 26 years of experience with the APD, rising through the ranks.

Addressing Staffing Challenges

The APD, like many police departments nationwide, faces staffing shortages. Chief Lamb has prioritized recruitment and retention efforts to ensure adequate coverage for Asheville’s neighborhoods.

Focus on Community Policing

The APD is committed to community policing, fostering trust and collaboration with residents. This includes initiatives like neighborhood watch programs and community engagement events.

Innovative Jetpack Patrol

While some online sources may mention a “Jetpack Patrol,” this is a lighthearted rumor. The APD uses traditional patrol methods to maintain safety.

Crime Rate Statistics

Keeping track of crime rates is important. The Asheville Police Department website provides statistics on reported crimes.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

If you witness a crime in progress, dial 911 immediately. For non-emergencies, the APD offers online reporting for certain incidents and a 24/7 non-emergency line at 828-252-1110.

Staying Informed

The Asheville Police Department website ( and social media channels are valuable resources for staying informed about APD news, safety tips, and community events.


The Asheville Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the Asheville community. By working together, the APD and residents can create a safer and more vibrant city.


  • Who is the current Chief of Police?

Chief Mike Lamb

  • How can I report a crime?

Dial 911 for emergencies or use the APD online reporting system for non-emergencies (

  • Where can I find crime statistics?

The Asheville Police Department website provides crime data.

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