Honoring Loved Ones: Finding Obituaries in the Athol Daily News

The Athol Daily News serves the community of Athol, Massachusetts, and surrounding areas. Among its local news coverage, the Athol Daily News publishes obituaries to honor the memory of recently deceased community members. This blog post will guide you through finding and navigating obituaries in the Athol Daily News.

Locating Obituaries

Print Edition: If you have a physical copy of the Athol Daily News, obituaries are typically located on a designated page or section.

Online Obituaries: The Athol Daily News website has a dedicated obituaries section Search: is a website that aggregates obituaries from various publications, including the Athol Daily News. You can search for obituaries by name, location, and date on

Searching for Specific Obituaries

By Name: Search bars are available on both the Athol Daily News website and Enter the deceased’s full name or last name for the most relevant results.

Date Range: If you’re looking for a recently published obituary, narrow your search by date on the Athol Daily News website or

Obituary Information

Full Name and Age of the Deceased

Dates of Birth and Death

Funeral Arrangements – Location and time of funeral services or memorial gatherings.

Survived By – A listing of surviving family members.

Obituary Text – A personalized message written by the family, often sharing details about the deceased’s life, accomplishments, and interests.

Leaving Tributes

The Athol Daily News website may allow you to leave condolences or tributes to the deceased directly on the obituary page.

Preserving Memories

Obituaries serve as a valuable resource for remembering loved ones and sharing their stories with the community. They can also be helpful for genealogical research.


The Athol Daily News obituaries section provides a place to honor the memories of those who have passed away and connect with the Athol community during times of loss. By utilizing the resources mentioned above, you can easily find and access obituaries to pay your respects and celebrate the lives of those who have passed.


  • Q: Is there a cost to view obituaries in the Athol Daily News?

A: Obituaries in the Athol Daily News, both online and in print, are typically free to view.

  • Q: How long are obituaries archived on the Athol Daily News website?

A: The Athol Daily News website may archive obituaries for a limited time. It’s always best to check their website for their specific archiving policy.

  • Q: Can I submit an obituary to the Athol Daily News?

A: Obituaries are typically submitted by funeral homes on behalf of the deceased’s family. For information on submitting an obituary, it’s best to contact a local funeral home or directly reach out to the Athol Daily News.

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