Staying Informed: Bartlesville Radio News

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, boasts a vibrant radio scene keeping residents in the loop on local happenings. Whether you’re interested in breaking news, weather updates, or community events, Bartlesville radio stations have you covered. This guide will unveil the best ways to tune in and stay informed about what’s going on in your city.

1. Local Radio Stations: A Diverse Mix

Bartlesville offers a range of radio stations catering to different tastes. News junkies can turn to KWON Newstalk 1400 AM for local and national news coverage. For music lovers, there’s KYFM Brightstar 100.1 FM with a contemporary hit radio format, while KRIG 104.9 FM serves up classic country tunes. KPGM 1500 AM offers programming targeted towards Pawhuska and the surrounding Osage Nation.

2. Catching the News on the Airwaves

Bartlesville Radio, a group encompassing KWON, KYFM, KRIG, and KPGM, provides dedicated news coverage. Their website [Bartlesville Radio] features a “News” section with the latest headlines, allowing you to stay updated even when you’re not by a radio.

3. Weather on Demand

Staying informed about the weather is crucial in Oklahoma’s unpredictable climate. Bartlesville radio stations provide regular weather updates, keeping you prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

4. The Headlines: Community Focus

Bartlesville radio stations extend beyond just news and weather. They often cover community events, high school sports, and local business updates, fostering a sense of connection within the city.

5. Tune In on the Go

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can access Bartlesville radio stations from virtually anywhere. Many stations offer live streaming on their websites or apps, allowing you to stay informed even when you’re out of town.

6. Social Media: Another Avenue for News

Bartlesville radio stations often have a strong social media presence. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for quick updates, breaking news alerts, and even interactive polls on local issues.

7. Local Sports Coverage

Die-hard sports fans can rely on Bartlesville radio stations for updates on local high school and collegiate sports teams. Game broadcasts and post-game analysis keep you in the know about your favorite teams.

8. Public Service Announcements

Bartlesville radio stations play a vital role in disseminating public service announcements (PSAs). These announcements keep residents informed about important community events, safety measures, and public health updates.


Bartlesville radio stations are a valuable resource for staying informed about local news, weather, and events. With a variety of stations to choose from and the convenience of online streaming, you can always stay connected to your community. So, tune in and discover the power of Bartlesville radio!


  • Q: What if I don’t have a radio?

No worries! Most Bartlesville radio stations offer live streaming on their websites or apps.

  • Q: Can I listen to past news broadcasts?

Some stations might archive their news segments online, allowing you to catch up on anything you missed.

  • Q: How can I find out what’s happening in my specific neighborhood?

While radio stations provide citywide news, consider following neighborhood social media groups or contacting your local council member for hyper-local updates.

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