Honoring Loved Ones: Midland Daily News Obituaries

The Midland Daily News serves as a central source for local news in Midland, Michigan. When a loved one passes away, many families choose to publish an obituary in the newspaper to honor their memory and inform the community. This blog post will guide you through finding and navigating Midland Daily News obituaries.

Finding Recent Obituaries

Midland Daily News Website: The Midland Daily News website doesn’t maintain a dedicated obituary section. However, they sometimes feature obituaries within news articles. You can search their website using keywords like “obituary” or the deceased’s name. is a comprehensive obituary search engine. You can search for obituaries published in the Midland Daily News by specifying the newspaper’s name during your search.

Funeral Home Websites: Many funeral homes in Midland publish obituaries for their clients on their websites.

Understanding Obituary Content

Obituaries typically include the following information:

  • The deceased’s full name and any nicknames
  • Date of birth and death
  • Information about surviving family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings)
  • Details about the deceased’s life, such as their profession, hobbies, and achievements
  • Funeral arrangements, including date, time, and location

Honoring the Deceased Online

Many online obituary platforms allow visitors to leave condolences and share memories of the deceased., for example, often features tribute sections alongside obituaries published in the Midland Daily News.

Preserving Memories Through Paid Obituaries

The Midland Daily News likely offers paid obituary options that allow families to customize the content and include photos. Contacting the newspaper directly will provide details on available options and pricing.

Finding Historical Obituaries

Obituaries published in print editions are often archived on microfilm or digitized by libraries and genealogy websites. If you’re searching for an older obituary, contacting the Midland Daily News or your local library might be helpful.


The Midland Daily News obituaries serve as a valuable resource for learning about recent passings and honoring the memories of community members. By utilizing the tips and resources provided above, you can easily find obituaries and pay your respects to those who have passed away.


  • Is there a cost to view obituaries in the Midland Daily News?

Viewing obituaries published online is typically free. However, paid obituaries may require a subscription or fee.

  • How can I submit an obituary to the Midland Daily News?

Obituaries are typically submitted by funeral homes on behalf of the deceased’s family.

  • Are there alternative ways to find obituaries in Midland?

Funeral home websites and social media pages often announce deaths and share obituary information.

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