The Mystery: Newport News, VA Zip Codes

Newport News, Virginia, a bustling city in the Hampton Roads region, boasts a vibrant community and a rich history. But when it comes to mailing that important letter or package, the question of zip codes can arise. Fear not, future mailers! This comprehensive guide will unveil the intricacies of Newport News zip codes, ensuring your deliveries reach their intended destinations.

Delving into the Details

Unlike some cities with a single zip code, Newport News is served by a network of ten zip codes. This ensures efficient mail delivery across the city’s diverse neighborhoods.

The Numbers: A Breakdown of Newport News Zip Codes

Here’s a quick reference list of the zip codes covering Newport News:

  • 23601
  • 23602
  • 23603
  • 23604 (also encompasses Fort Eustis)
  • 23605 (partially in Hampton)
  • 23606
  • 23607
  • 23608
  • 23609
  • 23612
  • 23628

Finding Your Fit

Check your mail: Existing mail addressed to your residence will prominently display the zip code.

Utilize online resources: Websites like USPS or zip code lookup services can pinpoint your zip code based on your address.

Beyond the Basics

PO Boxes: If you utilize a PO Box, the zip code associated with that specific box location will be used.

Military Base: For those residing on Fort Eustis, zip code 23604 applies.


With this guide in hand, navigating the world of Newport News zip codes becomes a breeze. Remember, the correct zip code ensures smooth mail delivery, so utilize the tips and resources provided! Now you’re well-equipped to address your mail with confidence, ensuring those important letters and packages find their way right to your doorstep in Newport News, VA.


  • Q: I’m moving to Newport News. How do I find my new zip code?

    A: Use a zip code lookup tool with your new address, or check any mail forwarded from your previous residence.

  • Q: Do zip codes in Newport News affect mailing costs?

    A: Generally, no. Within the United States, mailing costs are typically determined by weight and distance, not zip code.

  • Q: Can I have a different zip code than my neighbor?

    A: Yes. Zip codes are assigned based on geographical areas, so it’s possible for neighboring addresses to have different zip codes.

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