Finding Closure: How to Search Midland Daily News Obituaries

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience. Amid grief, finding obituaries can be an important part of the grieving process. If you’re looking for obituaries published in the Midland Daily News, here’s a guide to help you navigate your search.

Searching the Midland Daily News Website

The Midland Daily News website,, doesn’t have a dedicated obituary section. However, they occasionally mention obituaries within news articles. While searching the site, you might encounter an obituary mentioned on a news page, but there’s no guarantee of finding current obituaries this way. A Comprehensive Search Engine is a website that aggregates obituaries from across the United States, including those published in the Midland Daily News. Here are two ways to find obituaries on

All of Midland Daily News’s Recent Obituaries: This search option on allows you to specifically search for obituaries published in the Midland Daily News. You can find this option by going to and typing in “Midland Daily News obituaries” in the search bar.

Today’s Midland Daily News Obituaries: This search refines your results to show only obituaries published on the current day. This option can be helpful if you’re looking for the most recent obituaries.

Midland Funeral Homes

Funeral homes in Midland often publish obituaries on their websites. These obituaries may also be submitted to for wider publication. Searching funeral home websites in Midland can be another avenue for finding the obituaries you seek.

For obituaries in the Midland, Ontario area, you can try searching This website has a dedicated obituary section where you can find recently published obituaries.

Social Media

Funeral homes and families may also announce passings on social media platforms like Facebook. Searching for the name of the deceased on social media, or the Facebook pages of local funeral homes, could yield obituary information.


The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal experience, and finding obituaries can be a significant step in the grieving process. By utilizing the resources outlined above, you should be able to locate obituaries published in the Midland area, even though the Midland Daily News itself doesn’t have a dedicated obituary section.


Q: Is there a cost associated with searching for obituaries?

  • A: Searching for obituaries on,, and social media is generally free. Funeral home websites may have a mix of free and paid obituaries.

Q: How far back can I search for obituaries?

  • A: allows you to search for obituaries from a vast historical archive. Funeral home websites and social media will typically only have recent obituaries listed. may also have a limited archive depending on their specific setup.

Q: What if I’m still having trouble finding an obituary?

  • A: If you’ve exhausted the search options listed above and are still having trouble locating an obituary, you can try contacting the Midland Daily News directly. They may be able to offer guidance on where to find older obituaries or how to get in touch with the family of the deceased.

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