Steaming Dreams and Neon Whispers: Finding Sanctuary in Nguyen Duy Tri’s This Cafe 2023

Within the sprawling sonic cityscape of Nguyen Duy Tri’s 2023 masterpiece, “Acid Madness,” one track pulsates with the warm allure of a sanctuary amidst the frenzy: “This Cafe.” More than just a song, it’s a portal to a hazy haven, a refuge where reality dissolves into swirling neon, steam dances with whispered dreams, and time stretches like taffy under the dim glow of hanging lamps.

A Smoky Invitation

“This Cafe” opens with the hiss of a brewing espresso machine, instantly grounding you in the aromatic, intimate atmosphere. Jazzy piano chords weave smoke-like tendrils around your ears, while hushed vocals murmur, “Welcome, friend, to this cafe / Where time slows down and shadows play.” The invitation is clear – step inside, leave the outside world behind and lose yourself in this haven of whispered secrets and hazy dreams.

Lost in Temporal Twists

The song’s rhythm defies convention, defying easy categorization. Time seems to melt and bend, stretching into languid moments punctuated by the clinking of spoons and the murmured conversations drifting on the air. One moment, you’re swept into a waltz with the piano, the next, you’re lost in a slow bossa nova groove, each beat blurring the lines between past, present, and future.

Neon Dreamscapes on Canvas

Tri’s lyrics paint vivid portraits of the cafe’s inhabitants, each a brushstroke in the neon dreamscape. A lone writer hunches over a notebook, pen scratching secrets onto paper, a couple lost in whispered promises over lukewarm lattes, an old man with eyes full of stories nursing a glass of amber liquor. The cafe becomes a microcosm of the human experience, a melting pot of hopes, dreams, and unspoken desires bathed in the warm glow of neon.

An Instrumental Interlude of Bliss

The middle section of the song explodes into a kaleidoscope of instrumental bliss. The piano takes flight, joined by soaring strings and shimmering synth textures. It’s a sonic adventure, a joyous celebration of musical freedom that feels like dancing through sunbeams in a haze of swirling colors. As abruptly as it began, the interlude fades, leaving you breathless and tingling with the echo of sonic euphoria.

Echoes of Reality

Just as you begin to believe you’ve escaped the outside world entirely, a faint echo of reality seeps through. The distant roar of traffic, the clatter of distant dishes – these fleeting reminders around you, reminding you that the cafe, however alluring, is not an escape from life itself. But perhaps, that’s the beauty of it. The cafe offers a temporary respite, a chance to recharge and re-enter the fray with a renewed perspective.

Whispering Farewells

As the song nears its end, the tempo slows, and the atmosphere thickens with the scent of lingering cigarette smoke and untold stories. Tri’s voice dips into a gentle whisper, bidding farewell with lines like, “This cafe, a whispered dream / A sanctuary, unseen.” You leave not with a bang, but with a lingering sigh, carrying the warmth of the cafe’s embrace and the whispers of dreams yet to be dreamt.

A Sanctuary Within the Madness

“This Cafe” serves as a beacon of respite within the frenetic energy of “Acid Madness.” It reminds us that amidst the chaos, there are always sanctuaries to be found, havens where we can slow down, reconnect with ourselves, and let our dreams simmer over a warm cup of coffee. Tri’s music invites us to find these sanctuaries within ourselves, to cultivate spaces where time bends and reality shimmers, offering us the solace we need to navigate the madness of the world.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “This Cafe” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic sanctuary, a whispered invitation to step into a world where time stretches, dreams flicker in neon hues, and reality bends to the rhythm of our hearts. It’s a reminder that even amid the madness, there is always beauty to be found, solace to be embraced, and moments of escape to be cherished. So, step inside, take a seat, and let the steam and whispers of “This Cafe” wash over you, leaving you with a lingering taste of dreams and the promise of a sanctuary waiting to be rediscovered.


  1. What other tracks from “Acid Madness” offer similar moments of respite?
  • “Stargazer’s Lullaby”: A dreamlike journey through celestial wonder, offering a sense of calm amidst the sonic storms.

  • “Whispers of Wind”: A gentle instrumental piece with cascading piano melodies and airy textures, fostering a sense of inner peace.

  • “Sunflower Fields”: A playful, sun-drenched track that evokes feelings of nostalgia and simple joy, providing a temporary escape from the complexities of life.

  1. Where can I listen to “Acid Madness”?

The album is available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. You can also purchase it physically on CD or vinyl through the artist’s website or online retailers.

  1. How can I learn more about Nguyen Duy Tri?

Follow him on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for updates on his music, upcoming shows, and other projects. Explore his website for deeper insights into his artistic vision and musical journey.

  1. Who are some similar artists to Nguyen Duy Tri?

If you enjoy his blend of atmospheric soundscapes, introspective lyrics, and genre-bending melodies, consider exploring artists like:

  • Bon Iver

  • Ólafur Arnalds

  • Massive Attack

  • James Blake

  1. What’s next for Nguyen Duy Tri?

The artist is constantly evolving, his creative boundaries expanding with each project. Keep an eye out for future releases and live performances, promising journeys into uncharted sonic territories.

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