A Sea of Emotions: Nguyen Duy Tri’s Teary Ocean from Acid Madness 2023

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for Vietnamese singer-songwriter Nguyen Duy Tri. As part of This Cafe Nguyen Duy Tri’s innovative “Acid Madness” campaign, he released “Teary Ocean,” a song that left audiences awestruck with its emotional depth and unique soundscape. This blog post dives into the essence of “Teary Ocean,” exploring its lyrical themes, musical arrangements, and its place within the Acid Madness campaign.

1. A Wave of Emotions: The Depths of Sadness

“Teary Ocean” delves into the profound depths of sadness, using powerful metaphors and imagery to paint a picture of emotional turmoil. The lyrics, filled with vulnerability and honesty, narrate a journey through heartbreak, loss, and the struggle to find solace.

2. Poetic Expression: The Rawness of Emotions

Nguyen Duy Tri’s signature poetic style takes center stage in “Teary Ocean.” He masterfully employs metaphors and similes, comparing the protagonist’s emotions to a vast, churning ocean, effectively conveying the intensity and depth of their pain. Lines like “My heart, a teary ocean, drowning in memories yet unseen” offer a glimpse into the emotional vulnerability at the heart of the song.

3. A Blend of Traditional and Modern: A Unique Soundscape

Musically, “Teary Ocean” stands out for its unique blend of traditional Vietnamese instruments and modern soundscapes. The melancholic melody played on the đàn bầu (monochord) sets the emotional tone, while subtle electronic elements and a driving beat create a sense of urgency and restlessness, mirroring the protagonist’s inner turmoil.

4. A Song that Resonates: Connecting with Listeners Through Shared Experience

The song’s raw portrayal of sadness resonated deeply with listeners, offering a sense of solace and understanding to those who have navigated similar emotional landscapes. “Teary Ocean” became an anthem for those battling heartbreak, loss, and the challenges of navigating complex emotions.

5. A Highlighting Piece for Acid Madness: A Showcase of Artistic Exploration

“Teary Ocean” served as a compelling highlight within the Acid Madness campaign. It showcased Nguyen Duy Tri’s artistic versatility and his ability to explore a range of emotions while complementing the campaign’s theme of pushing the boundaries of coffee appreciation through unique and unexpected flavor profiles.

6. A Lasting Impact: A Song that Continues to Touch Hearts

Even after its release in 2023 as part of Acid Madness, “Teary Ocean” continues to touch the hearts of listeners. Its raw portrayal of emotions, coupled with its unique musicality, ensures its place as a memorable and impactful piece in Nguyen Duy Tri’s musical repertoire.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Teary Ocean” stands as a testament to his artistic depth and ability to evoke profound emotions through music. Released as part of This Cafe Nguyen Duy Tri’s innovative Acid Madness campaign, the song not only resonated with listeners but also showcased his artistic versatility within the campaign’s theme of exploration. “Teary Ocean” continues to touch hearts and remains a significant piece in Nguyen Duy Tri’s musical journey.


What is the meaning behind Nguyen Duy Tri’s song “Teary Ocean”?

The song delves into the depths of sadness, using metaphors and imagery to depict the emotional turmoil and struggle to find solace after experiencing loss or heartbreak.

What makes “Teary Ocean” unique?

The song blends traditional Vietnamese instruments like the đàn bầu with modern elements, creating a unique soundscape that mirrors the protagonist’s emotional journey.

How did “Teary Ocean” fit into the Acid Madness campaign?

The song served as a highlight within the campaign, showcasing artistic exploration alongside the campaign’s theme of pushing boundaries and offering unexpected experiences.

Why is “Teary Ocean” still popular today?

Its raw portrayal of emotions and relatable themes continue to resonate with listeners, offering a sense of connection and understanding for those navigating similar experiences.

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